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Why is it so difficult to speak a foreign language?

   Because they have no time to learn or talk a language? Maybe it would cost too much money on the course? I do not need it? I do not like to study? You would not travel anywhere? I will never use the Internet or chatting? Several times I tried to study, but I forgot after two days?

Wide variety of reasons, but the knowledge is always good, whether in business or at work and in everyday life. For the most part difficult to speak a foreign language because they have no one to talk to! If you have someone to talk to, you do not know how to get started, because we do not dare to talk, lest we say something bad in front of others, or be left behind in the conversation because we do not understand. When we know what we want to say, but we seek the solution in the grammar.

You do not need grammar to talk, necessary only for writing!

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The meaning of the talk like a baby

   "We talk about language how easy to learn like a baby. No age limit, you can do it anytime, just speak the language, than easy to talk like a baby."

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The world's top 10 easiest language to learn

1. Spanish 2. English 3. Bulgarian 4. Croatian 5. Romanian 6. Italian 7. Norwegian 8. Greek 

9. Armenian 10. Mongolian

research data 2014

The world's top 10 most difficult language to learn

1. Slovak 2. Hungarian 3. Finnish 4. Arabic 5. Persian 6. Korean 7. Japanese 8. Chinese 

9. French 10. German 

research data 2014